Same Day Rush

Time critical pickup and delivery. Our time commitment is generally within a two hour window from start to finish. Omni has delivery options to meet your company’s needs – we understand the meaning of STAT! Around the clock 365 days a year we provide 24/7 communication because of our knowledgeable team.

Routed & Scheduled Deliveries

We would love to work with you to minimize your cost while maximizing your transportation routing. Please give us a call to discuss the potential for discounted rates.

  • Routed deliveries
  • Post Office retrievals
  • Weekly or daily
  • Custom distribution
  • Medical and pharmaceutical

Envelope and Packages/Freight

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Life Science and Healthcare Specialists

  • Trained in biomedical specimen handling, lab safety, and biohazard processes
  • Chain of custody is maintained through entire pickup and delivery process
  • Equipped with blood and fluid spill kits
  • Professionally attired courier with ID badge
  • Barcode scanning
  • Real-Time Tracking of Packages & POD Signature capture

Delivery service to hospitals, laboratories physician’s and long-term care facilities and hospices are our specialty.